A Journey to a Healthy Me!

I've been a writer for a long time now, which means sitting down a lot. I want to live a healthier lifestyle; with some exercise and better more regular meals. I suffered from anorexia for a long time, I relapse sometimes and I made this as a part of my recovery. I'm hoping this blog will help me when I keep relapsing, to keep me on track.

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Asks go here. : )

Thank you for those who answered my question! I’m going to try those out and see how it goes. : ) <3

I ate a lot today…I literally just couldn’t stop eating…I think it’s stress UGH. Dx Anyone have tips on how to help when you can’t seem to stop a binge?

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I gained a lot this last week…I feel really awful about myself. I feel huge.

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The past two weeks were bad haha. Because he visited and we only had a week or so to visit everywhere around here that he doesn’t have where he lives so we ate out WAAAY more than we should have haha. 

So next Tuesday we will weigh in based on our current weights that I wrote down. : )

Skipping the weigh in this week. A lot of personal things went on this week and mental health issues that weighing myself would honestly just discourage me and I’d curl up and not want to exercise.

Soooo to make it better and make sure that I’ll keep up with exercising I’m just going to weigh in next week. : )

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